MGB Biopharma Ltd United Kingdom

MGB Biopharma is a private company based in Glasgow, Scotland and is backed by a syndicate of Scotland’s leading angel investor groups together with Scottish Enterprise.

Mr Raymond Spencer

Nascient Ltd United Kingdom

Nascient Ltd is a funded, privately-held biotech company developing novel therapies for the treatment of inflammatory diseases.

Based in the United Kingdom, Nascient is developing Matriximab, a fully human mAb targeting the Fibrinogen Globe (FBG) of Tenascin C. FBG is a novel therapeutic target involved in the initiation of acute inflammation and the onset of chronic disease.

Nascient is funded by Imperial Innovations.

Organisation type
Mr Douglas Thomson
Dr Eric Culbert

Pharmidex United Kingdom

Pharmidex is a CRO founded in 2002 specialising in providing cost effective, high quality experimental ADMET/PK data. Focusing on bioanalysis, CNS drug discovery, in vitro ADMET, in vivo pharmacokinetics, metabolite identification and toxicology we have been able to deliver high levels of customer satisfaction.

Pharmidex operates with a “part of your team” mentality and understands the importance of making time to discuss studies with clients.

Dr Martin Barrett
Business Development Manager 

Selcia United Kingdom

Selcia is a leading global CRO specialising in 14C GMP radiolabelled API for clinical trials and in 14C custom radiolabelling for DMPK, dermal penetration and environmental fate studies.

Selcia offers the full range of drug discovery services; integrated drug discovery, assay development, medicinal chemistry and ADME. With specialist expertise in macrocycles, natural products and their simplification and optimisation for drug use. Selcia has a unique peptidyl prolyl isomerase (PPIase) inhibitor screening platform.

To support regulatory submissions, Selcia offers GLP analysis; including GLP NMR (500MHz), mass spectrometry, HPLC (analytical and preparative) and specialised purification capabilities from analytical (µg) to multi-100g scale.

Organisation type
Mr Dave Roberts
BD Director Radiochemistry 

Synpromics United Kingdom

Synpromics is a Synthetic Biology company with IP and know-how in the design of Synthetic Promoters.

Our synthetic promoters enable the controlled expression of genes at a specific place, in a specific environment, at a specific time, or in response to a specific biological condition.

We provide solutions to our customers across multiple fields of use. Such as biotherapeutic protein production; targeted gene therapies and DNA vaccines; enhanced functionality of cell therapies; as well as research tools.

Our clients use our promoters in their applications and products. As each promoter is IP protected it allows us to generate revenue through license agreements that provide up-front and milestone payments during our clients product development, and attractive royalties on our clients product sales.

Dr David Venables
Mr Nick Higgins
Business Development Director 

SYNthesis Research United Kingdom

An Australian headquartered biotechnology company with labs/offices in Melbourne (Australia), Cambridge (UK), San Francisco (USA) and China (Shanghai & Suzhou), SYNthesis Research has established a number of R&D collaborations which have generated novel IP which is now available for partnering. SYNthesis Research's sister company, SYNthesis med chem, is a chemistry-focussed contract research organisation that carries out custom synthesis and medicinal chemistry projects. 

Organisation type
Professor Andrew Wilks
Founder & Chairman 
Mr Simon Bury
Head of Business Development