Pharmidex United Kingdom

Pharmidex is a CRO founded in 2002 specialising in providing cost effective, high quality experimental ADMET/PK data. Focusing on bioanalysis, CNS drug discovery, in vitro ADMET, in vivo pharmacokinetics, metabolite identification and toxicology we have been able to deliver high levels of customer satisfaction.

Pharmidex operates with a “part of your team” mentality and understands the importance of making time to discuss studies with clients.

Dr Martin Barrett
Business Development Manager 

Phastar United Kingdom

PHASTAR is a specialist CRO offering statistical consultancy, clinical trial reporting (including data management) and medical writing services, by providing expert consultants and delivering in-house projects.

Every project PHASTAR undertakes is supervised on methodology and utilises internal processes designed to ensure optimal quality. We are headquartered in London with 7 offices globally across four continents, and the largest statistical CRO group in Europe.

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Mr Kevin Kane

Propath UK Limited United Kingdom

Propath is a leader in Europe for histopathology and molecular pathology.  As a GLP and GCP compliant facility, our experience of regulatory and research studies spans over 30 years.

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Dr Saroj Velamakanni
Director, Business Development 
Mr Edward Cribb
Client Relationships Executive