Our core business is the chemical synthesis of peptides and the custom production of polyclonal antibodies.

Peptides and antibodies are different forms of proteins. As proteins control every process essential for life, discovering more about how they work and how they help the body fight disease and infection, is crucial for furthering medical research, drug development and health care provision.

All CRB’s products are used purely for medical research purposes — primarily drug discovery and disease research — either by commercial organisations or academic institutes. We do not sell them to be used directly on patients.

Alongside this custom-production, we also ‘partner’ small, highly specialised biochemical businesses to help them promote their services and gain wider exposure.  

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Clinical Network Services United Kingdom

Clinical Network Services (CNS) is an integrated service group focused on product development headquartered in Australia with offices in New Zealand, the UK and the USA.

CNS creates value for small-medium sized biotechnology companies by progressing early stage products through phase 1 & 2 clinical trials or the marketplace sooner.

CNS offers a unique service where it integrates BioDesk, an intelligent global product development and regulatory affairs consultancy, with our committed, highly experienced Australian/New Zealand clinical operations and biometrics team.

BioDesk’s expert consultants offer CMC/manufacturing, toxicology, clinical and regulatory affairs strategic advice and guide products efficiently through critical post-discovery development and into the clinic for the first time.

With over 15 years’ experience on more than 300 projects, CNS is one of the most experienced providers within the local market and a partner of choice for biotech companies.

CNS’s small-medium size is considered a big advantage when relating to similar sized clients, though CNS takes a global development/regulatory approach to ensure value is strategically added at every stage of the product development life cycle.

Further information about CNS and its intelligent development services can be found at

Paul Cronin
LinkedIn logo Director of Business Development 
Russell Neal
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Dr Andrew Carnegie
LinkedIn logo Business Development Manager 

Crystec Limited United Kingdom

Crystec applies the latest supercritical fluid (SCF) technology to improve the design and performance of medicines. We provide crystal and particle engineering solutions to the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries, contributing to human health by enabling new and more effective therapies. Crystec SCF technology can be applied to small and large drug molecules in a range of dosage forms. Our expertise includes designing the world’s first SCF engineered drug (Semprana – inhaled delivery for migraine), which is expected to launch later this year.

Our services include crystal form screening and particle design (including composite particles and scalable co-crystals), addressing issues of poor solubility and stability, improved delivery, and product enhancement in support of lifecycle management. Our process is scaled to GMP manufacturing levels.

We also have a strong product pipeline, focused on repurposing existing therapies. These assets are in a number of therapeutic areas including urge incontinence, women’s health, fungal infections, and malaria, and are currently available for out-licensing.

For more information on our technology or assets please visit or contact Catherine Hunter, Business Development Director (

Miss Catherine Hunter
Business Development Director 

Edinburgh Molecular Imaging Ltd United Kingdom

Using its proprietary platform technology, Edinburgh Molecular Imaging is developing a pipeline of highly novel in vivo optical imaging agents that can be used to diagnose disease and alter the landscape of precision medicine.

EM Imaging also has a portfolio of agents addressing a number of unmet medical needs.

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Mr Ian Wilson
Chief Executive Officer 

Formuli United Kingdom

Formuli is a Business Development and Licensing Agency that helps companies find partners for their technologies and products. At Bio Europe, Formuli is presenting the following opportunities for partnering:

1. A Potent Novel Anti-Inflammatory agent with an excellent efficacy/safety profile for use alone, or in combination with Steroids.

2. An Invisible Transdermal Spray-On patch technology focussing on ADHD, Alzheimers, Parkinsons and Pain, but with the potential for broad utility.

3. A Once Weekly Oral Tablet formulation of Aripiprazole for Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia and MDD.

4. A Blood Brain Barrier Transport Mechanism with excellent early results in NeuroOncology but with the potential for broad utility.

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Dr Russ Pendleton

High Force Research United Kingdom

Established in 1988, and based in Durham, High Force Research are proud to remain a truly independent UK chemistry CRO. We collaborate with discovery groups, start-ups and spin-offs from academia and industry in synthesising new materials for proof-of-concept studies and in process development on the route to market.

We have the expertise and capability to devise synthetic routes to new molecules or to identify and evaluate alternatives. Working at both bench-top and kilo-lab scale, we develop processes to meet our client's targets of yield, specification, safety, environmental impact and economics. Later we offer support in technology transfer to commercial production.

Our MHRA audited cGMP facilities comprise two segregated laboratories, in which we produce from grammes to multi-kilos of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and their intermediates to cGMP standards for pre-clinical studies and Phase I/II clinical trials.

We offer a fast response and flexible service to all our customers and partners and can operate on a fee for service, collaborative research or joint venture basis, depending on the project and business requirements.

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Dr Stella James
LinkedIn logo Head of Business Development 

Image Analysis United Kingdom

Image Analysis Group is global group of companies with expertise in clinical R&D, clinical trial design, regulatory and financial strategy for biotechnology companies involved in clinical research of immunooncology, inflammatory and degenerative diseases.

Dr Olga Kubassova
LinkedIn logo CEO 

Karma Oncology Ltd United Kingdom

Oncology specialised contract clinical research organisation providing flexible, customised, bespoke services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Oncology clinical research services including clinical development plan preparation, clinical trial protocol design & writing, site selection, project management, submissions, site set up and monitoring, data review, auditing and preparation of clinical study reports. We are looking to partner with companies with oncology products either about to enter the clinical phase of development or in the early stages of clinical development.

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Dr Jennifer Emerson
Director of Project Managment 
Dr Karen Williams
LinkedIn logo President 

Nanomerics United Kingdom

Nanomerics is a speciality pharmaceutical company which was spun out from University College London. Nanomerics creates differentiated medicines based on its patented Molecular Envelope Technology (MET).

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Prof Ijeoma Uchegbu
LinkedIn logo Chief Scientific Officer 

Pharmidex United Kingdom

Pharmidex is a CRO founded in 2002 specialising in providing cost effective, high quality experimental ADMET/PK data. Focusing on bioanalysis, CNS drug discovery, in vitro ADMET, in vivo pharmacokinetics, metabolite identification and toxicology we have been able to deliver high levels of customer satisfaction.

Pharmidex operates with a “part of your team” mentality and understands the importance of making time to discuss studies with clients.

Dr Martin Barrett
LinkedIn logo Business Development Manager