Edinburgh Molecular Imaging Ltd United Kingdom

Using its proprietary platform technology, Edinburgh Molecular Imaging is developing a pipeline of highly novel in vivo optical imaging agents that can be used to diagnose disease and alter the landscape of precision medicine.

EM Imaging also has a portfolio of agents addressing a number of unmet medical needs.

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Mr Ian Wilson
Chief Executive Officer 

ERA Consulting United Kingdom

ERA Consulting has served the biopharmaceutical industry for over 28 years, providing regulatory, strategic and technical guidance for the development of medicinal agents (>450 to date), including gene and cell therapies, recombinant protein/antibody therapeutics, vaccines and small molecules.

Our specialised international team of 32 full-time professionals includes consultants from biotech, pharma, biomanufacturing, regulatory and academic scientific backgrounds to provide experienced support from product inception through development to commercialisation.

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Dr Tara Sanderson
LinkedIn logo Director of Regulatory Affairs - CMC Biologics 
Mr Adam Levy
LinkedIn logo Group Manager, Business Development