Tecrea Ltd United Kingdom

Tecrea Ltd is a UK based Biotechnology Company focused on nanotechnology as a means of creating novel drug formulations to treat serious medical conditions in human and animal health. Our Nanocin™ nanotechnology platform has already been partnered in both human and animal health. Commercial traction has been achieved with sales and out-licensing to bioprocessing and pharmaceutical companies, with one of our partners entering phase II clinical development early in 2017.

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Dr John Ridden
LinkedIn logo Director 

The Research Network United Kingdom

TRN are an integrated team of scientific experts who provide Pharmaceutical R&D scientific consultancy, project management, outsourcing and due diligence services. Our experienced team has in depth expertise across the key drug discovery and development disciplines covering both small molecule and biotherapeutics.

TRN also collaborate with Universities and research organisations to progress promising drug discovery projects from lead identification through early clinical development. We partner with Principal Investigators and Technology Transfer groups to secure funding, provide strategic guidance and practical support to access and manage available technologies and resources worldwide. Much of this work is conducted at risk. Areas of focus are acute care, antibiotics, antivirals, neurodegeneration and CVMD.

TRN are currently working in collaboration with the University of Tennessee and the MRCT to enable the development of EmstoPA, a humanised antibody fragment for the treatment of bleeding complications in patients who have received the clot buster tPA, for the treatment of stroke or pulmonary embolism. Currently no specific tPA reversal agents are in development. The team are seeking investors to help fund the development of this exciting and innovative product. Two additional drug repurposing collaborations are in early development in the acute care arena.

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Dr Charles Phillips
Network Partner, Regulatory Team Lead 

Therakind United Kingdom

Therakind, a, private pharmaceutical company, is focused on developing safe, effective, authorised speciality medicines. To date, two paediatric products have been successfully developed and commercialised and a portfolio of further products are under development in late stage development Therakind is developing a portfolio of further products. We have an earlier stage diabetic nasal product for treatment of hypoglycaemia and a pipeline of further products.

Therakind operates with several business models to generate a platform of products generating royalties and also provides consultancy in pharmaceutical development.

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Dr Susan Conroy
LinkedIn logo CEO 

Touchlight Genetics United Kingdom

Touchlight’s in vitro enzymatic DNA amplification platform addresses every major limitation of pDNA fermentation. Touchlight’s platform has improved yield, speed & fidelity, no antibiotic resistance & the ability to amplify complex secondary structures.

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Dr Tommy Duncan
LinkedIn logo Group Business Development Officer 
Miss Sarah Milsom
Group Business Development Manager