CTRL Group Ltd United Kingdom

New technologies have the potential to transform healthcare and medical research by increasing efficiency and creating more personalised medicine.

Ctrl Group is a team of designers, researchers, software developers and healthcare experts who work internationally with healthcare companies and providers who want to use new technology to improve people’s health. We create products and services that are effective, engaging and safe.

Mr Ben Fehnert
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Datatrial United Kingdom

Datatrial is a clinical biometrics and technology organization specializing in complete study delivery; from our flexible and intuitive platform of technologies to our services and consulting. We offer a full range of services including Data Management, Statistics and Medical Writing. 

With headquarters in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK and offices in Boston MA and BioHub at Alderley Park, UK we are very able to support global clinical development programs. Since 1999, we have been serving the pharmaceutical community through our commitment to service and quality in every aspect of the work that we do. With involvement in over 300 clinical trials, across 25 therapeutic areas and with extensive oncology experience we will work with you to develop a study plan that best fits your needs. 

Our innovative nowEDC™ solution will allow you to deliver data capture, verification and validation, query management, data extract, IWRS and real-time reporting in one integrated system. nowEDC is easy-to-use, fully validated and is highly configurable. The flexible aspects of nowEDC also make it a natural fit for handling both complex trial designs as well as adaptive clinical trials. We are a service-driven company; our customers and the clinical development programmes that we support are important to us. 

Our goal is to meet timelines, exceed expectations through our proactive approach, and be responsive to and collaborative with our customers. Communication, service and quality are critical to a successful clinical study, while always keeping the patient in mind.

Dr Emma Banks
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Miss Amy Wright
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Department for International Trade, London Region United Kingdom

Exhibiting at booth #57 with the following companies:

Biotech and Money
CTRL Group Ltd
Richmond Pharmacology Limited
Seven Bridges
Strategy in Life Sciences
Tecrea Ltd

View the Department for International Trade's brochure for Bio-Europe here.

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Mr Chris Parsons
International Trade Adviser 
Mr Rory Smith
International Business Advisor 

Dora Wirth (Languages) Ltd United Kingdom

Established in 1962, Dora Wirth Languages Ltd. (DWL) has over 50 years of excellence in global translation solutions for the life science industry. The DWL approach is built on a solid foundation of experience and in-house medical expertise, using DWL’s well-practised and specially formulated procedures for translation, project management and quality control. DWL's business has grown through a dedication and commitment to quality and service. This is acknowledged by DWL's many long-standing clients and is most clearly demonstrated by their recommendation of DWL to others.
Kim Shouler
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Beatriz Puche Lopez
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Edinburgh Molecular Imaging Ltd United Kingdom

Using its proprietary platform technology, Edinburgh Molecular Imaging is developing a pipeline of highly novel in vivo optical imaging agents that can be used to diagnose disease and alter the landscape of precision medicine.

EM Imaging also has a portfolio of agents addressing a number of unmet medical needs.

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Mr Ian Wilson
Chief Executive Officer 

ERA Consulting United Kingdom

ERA Consulting has served the biopharmaceutical industry for over 28 years, providing regulatory, strategic and technical guidance for the development of medicinal agents (>450 to date), including gene and cell therapies, recombinant protein/antibody therapeutics, vaccines and small molecules.

Our specialised international team of 32 full-time professionals includes consultants from biotech, pharma, biomanufacturing, regulatory and academic scientific backgrounds to provide experienced support from product inception through development to commercialisation.

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Dr Tara Sanderson
LinkedIn logo Director of Regulatory Affairs - CMC Biologics 
Mr Adam Levy
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First Derivatives plc United Kingdom

First Derivatives occupies a niche position within the market place offering a combination domain knowledge of financial markets and expertise in financial services technologies. We provide innovative trading platforms for low latency, high volume environments across all asset classes including FX, equity, fixed income and commodities - providing credit, market, operational, liquidity, capital adequacy and stress testing solutions. The Company scopes, designs, develops, implements and supports a broad range of mission critical data and trading systems across front, middle and back-office operations.

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Mr Jamie Conlon
Business Development 
Mr Gary Connolly
Business Development 

Formuli United Kingdom

Formuli is a Business Development and Licensing Agency that helps companies find partners for their technologies and products. At Bio Europe, Formuli is presenting the following opportunities for partnering:

1. A Potent Novel Anti-Inflammatory agent with an excellent efficacy/safety profile for use alone, or in combination with Steroids.

2. An Invisible Transdermal Spray-On patch technology focussing on ADHD, Alzheimers, Parkinsons and Pain, but with the potential for broad utility.

3. A Once Weekly Oral Tablet formulation of Aripiprazole for Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia and MDD.

4. A Blood Brain Barrier Transport Mechanism with excellent early results in NeuroOncology but with the potential for broad utility.

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Dr Russ Pendleton

Fusion Antibodies Ltd United Kingdom

Fusion Antibodies is a high quality European CRO that offers a range of fee-for-service, royalty free technology services covering all stages of therapeutic development of Biopharmaceutical drugs- from discovery/preclinical to cell line development and clinical supply.

Our clients are global Japan, USA & Europe and include Academic, Biotech’s and most of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies.

Four antibodies which have been produced using Fusion Antibodies technologies are currently being progressed through clinical development.

At BioEurope, Fusion Antibodies showcases our next generation CDRx Antibody Humanization Platform (www.fusionantibodies.com/humanization) converting Mouse, Rat, Rabbit and Llama antibodies into high expressing, functional humanized antibody lead drug candidates.

CDRx platform Humanization Key points

• Next generation in silico Antibody Humanization platform

• Improvements over traditional CDR grafting methods

• T-Cell epitope screening and avoidance included in the design stage

• 3D structural predictions included

• No Royalty Fee

• 15 years experience of Antibody drug development

• Humanized variants that can be named with the suffix –“tuzumab” under the International Nonproprietary Names (INN) Programme as governed by the WHO

• Humanized variants selected for manufacturability and expression

• Stable cell expression with CHOvolution cell line capable of up to 7g per litre

• 4 humanized antibodies entering the clinic in 16/17

• More than 60 humanization projects completed worldwide for large pharma, mid-size and biotechs in the past 5 years in Japan, USA & Europe.

We look to partner with companies interested in developing high quality antibody drugs. We also offer a range of cell line development services (https://www.fusionantibodies.com/CLD) and have the associated expertise and partners to deliver a high quality CHO cell line expression for your protein of interest from proof-of-concept to cGMP. Fusion Antibodies also specialize in high quality monoclonal antibodies (particularly those which are difficult to produce), Antibody Sequencing and other Antibody engineering project (scFv, F(ab), Bi-Specifics). We have the capacity to act as a 1-stop shop, guiding your project from discovery to validation in the clinic.

Summary Fusion Antibodies services

monoclonal antibodies

antibody sequencing

antibody engineering

antibody humanization

cGMP ready CHO cell line development

Manufacture of Biopharmaceuticals for Phase I, II and III clinical studies

With 15+ years of experience in the antibody drug research industry and >60 antibody humanization projects with multiple candidates now in the clinic.

Fusion Antibodies is the 1st choice for accelerating your antibody research towards the clinic.

Let us make your idea a clinical ready drug Asset!

Dr Paul Kerr
Managing Director 


Glythera is an early-stage Biotechnology company focused on the development of next-generation biologics, principally Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) for cancer indications.

The Company’s ADC pipeline is based on an industry-leading, proprietary conjugation platform, ‘PermaLink’, which enables ADCs with higher therapeutic indices – a clear market need in fighting difficult-to-treat tumours. PermaLink is a cysteine-specific, non-maleimide approach that demonstrates significantly improved ADC conjugation stability and improved product homogeneity resulting in improved TI and patient safety profiles. Through PermaLink, Glythera is able to combine novel, highly potent toxins that induce apoptosis with novel antibodies that target cancer-specific antigens, especially those that are highly overexpressed in solid tumours.

The company is currently using its proprietary technology and access to a broad range of toxin payloads to develop a portfolio of class leading ADCs. Glythera is funded by IP Group and the North East Technology Fund and is based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England.

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Dr David Simpson
Dr Ian Evetts
Chief Business Officer