High Force Research United Kingdom

Established in 1988, and based in Durham, High Force Research are proud to remain a truly independent UK chemistry CRO. We collaborate with discovery groups, start-ups and spin-offs from academia and industry in synthesising new materials for proof-of-concept studies and in process development on the route to market.

We have the expertise and capability to devise synthetic routes to new molecules or to identify and evaluate alternatives. Working at both bench-top and kilo-lab scale, we develop processes to meet our client's targets of yield, specification, safety, environmental impact and economics. Later we offer support in technology transfer to commercial production.

Our MHRA audited cGMP facilities comprise two segregated laboratories, in which we produce from grammes to multi-kilos of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and their intermediates to cGMP standards for pre-clinical studies and Phase I/II clinical trials.

We offer a fast response and flexible service to all our customers and partners and can operate on a fee for service, collaborative research or joint venture basis, depending on the project and business requirements.

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Dr Stella James
LinkedIn logo Head of Business Development 

IDACO Consulting Ltd United Kingdom

IDACO supports academics, TTOs, start-ups, SMEs and corporate organisations looking for R&D support, outsourcing options and partnering opportunities. 

Services Offered:

•       Strategic pharmaceutical and pre-clinical consulting services.

•       Due diligence, evaluation and de-risking of R&D.

•       Advice and support on out-sourcing strategies - looking for timely and cost-effective solutions.

•       Scouting the academic network to identify new opportunities for pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

•       Business development support for organisations wanting to access the academic, outsourcing or commercial networks.

•       Oversight and project management of outsourced CMC and preclinical projects.

Mr Ian Cox
LinkedIn logo Director 

Image Analysis United Kingdom

Image Analysis Group is global group of companies with expertise in clinical R&D, clinical trial design, regulatory and financial strategy for biotechnology companies involved in clinical research of immunooncology, inflammatory and degenerative diseases.

Dr Olga Kubassova
LinkedIn logo CEO 

Karma Oncology Ltd United Kingdom

Oncology specialised contract clinical research organisation providing flexible, customised, bespoke services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Oncology clinical research services including clinical development plan preparation, clinical trial protocol design & writing, site selection, project management, submissions, site set up and monitoring, data review, auditing and preparation of clinical study reports. We are looking to partner with companies with oncology products either about to enter the clinical phase of development or in the early stages of clinical development.

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Dr Jennifer Emerson
Director of Project Managment 
Dr Karen Williams
LinkedIn logo President 

Medherant United Kingdom

Medherant develops transdermal patches using its novel Tepi-Patch® technology. Its unique solvent-free adhesive allows direct dissolution of a wide range of drugs achieving high drug loading, sustained strong drug release and excellent patch adhesion. TepiPatch® can improve upon existing patches or allow development of patches for hard to formulate drugs. 

Mr Nigel Davis
LinkedIn logo CEO 
Mr Nigel Theobald
LinkedIn logo Commercial Director 
Dr Andrew Lee
LinkedIn logo Operations Director 

MGB Biopharma Ltd United Kingdom

MGB Biopharma is a private company based in Glasgow, Scotland and is backed by a syndicate of Scotland’s leading angel investor groups together with Scottish Enterprise.

Mr Raymond Spencer

Mirador Analytics United Kingdom

Mirador Analytics is an analytics and consultancy firm providing drug commercialization assessment and launch planning services to biopharma organizations around the world. We are a UK and North American-based firm with extensive expertise in: Asset Evaluation; Pricing and Market Access; Asset and Portfolio Prioritization; KOL Mapping; Market and Competitor Intelligence; Market Research; Insight and Analytics; Medical and Regulatory Affairs; Business Development; and Commercialization Planning.

Mirador Analytics is unique in their combined analytical and consultancy offering. In contrast to other analytical organizations, our combined analytical and consultancy services enable us to bring industry-specific relevance to our clients’ analytical and data-driven needs. Mirador Analytics' team members have all worked on our clients’ side of the business, allowing us to fully appreciate the intricacies of the pharmaceutical sector and our clients’ specific requirements. Similarly, and in contrast to other consultancy organizations, our proprietary analytical tools provide the analytical rigor that is vital to our clients’ commercialization requirements.

We can support our clients with the use of our proprietary prevalence-based Asset Evaluation Tool and Individual Identification Database (I.I.D), along with our extensive consultancy services. With your internal data and insights, along with external data, we apply our extensive experience and knowledge to generate clear outputs that are relevant to you and your organization.

Mirador Analytics’ Wraparound Services:
Mirador Analytics offers a complete wraparound service built around our analytical tools. Our extensive expertise in the pharmaceutical sector enables us to support you with data inputs, assumptions and output interpretations. From developing payer frameworks and target product profiles to competitive landscape reviews, the Mirador Analytics’ team has the international experience to assist your organization in achieving its strategic objectives. Our expertise spans across Medical Affairs; Pricing and Market Access; Insight and Analytics; Strategy; Marketing; and Business Development. Our working relationship with you is built upon collaboration; we work closely with you at each stage of the project and remain mindful of your specific requirements. In working with Mirador Analytics, you can expect the delivery of outputs that are data driven, relevant, and supported by analytical rigour and insights from team members who have sat on your side of the business.

Mirador Analytics’ Unique Line of Sight:
We combine our analytical expertise with:
  • Experience in how your organization functions, with team members who have worked on your side of the business.
  • Integrated services to better serve the needs of your organization.
  • The knowledge to generate clear outputs, which are relevant to you and your organization, using a combination of your internal company data and external data sources.
  • Valuing collaboration – we have an ability to listen and highly encourage client input at every stage of our journey together.
This allows us to see beyond the data and offer you optimal and relevant results.
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Mr Jamie Blackport
Dr David Johnson
Dr David Johnson
LinkedIn logo Director, Biopharma Analytics and Business Development 

Mironid Ltd United Kingdom

Mironid Ltd is an innovative drug discovery company that develops proprietary drug candidate molecules by modulating the activity of key cell signalling proteins. This allows us to access multiple therapeutic areas for exploitation. Our current drug discovery pipeline is aimed at developing novel treatments for degenerative kidney diseases, chronic inflammatory diseases and cancer. Mironid is currently building and progressing a pipeline of early stage drug discovery programmes that are initially targeted at cAMP degrading phosphodiesterase enzymes. These will generate novel and differentiated therapies for a range of therapeutic indications in areas of high unmet medical need.

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Dr Neil Wilkie
Chief Operating Officer 

Nanomerics United Kingdom

Nanomerics is a speciality pharmaceutical company which was spun out from University College London. Nanomerics creates differentiated medicines based on its patented Molecular Envelope Technology (MET).

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Prof Ijeoma Uchegbu
LinkedIn logo Chief Scientific Officer 

Nascient Ltd United Kingdom

Nascient Ltd is a funded, privately-held biotech company developing novel therapies for the treatment of inflammatory diseases.

Based in the United Kingdom, Nascient is developing Matriximab, a fully human mAb targeting the Fibrinogen Globe (FBG) of Tenascin C. FBG is a novel therapeutic target involved in the initiation of acute inflammation and the onset of chronic disease.

Nascient is funded by Imperial Innovations.

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Mr Douglas Thomson
Dr Eric Culbert